Slice !t®



Slice !t® Is Not Just A Cartilage Slicer…

But It Is A Multi Utility Device In ENT

Precise slicing of cartilage (tragal, conchal or septal) 0.1 to 0.5 mm for

  1. Sliced cartilage Tympanoplasty
  2. Type 1 composite perichondium-cartilage shield
  3. Type 1 sliced island
  4. Type 1 sliced mosaic
  5. Type 1 sliced shield or mosaic with TM reinforcement
  6. Type 3 sliced hole
  7. Type 3 umbrella


  • Cartilage
  • Titanium prosthesis (precise slice piece over TORP or PORP)

Canal wall reconstruction


  • Slices for small inside out cavity
  • Attic reconstruction
  • Reinforcement for posterosuperior area



  • Titanium prosthesis TORP & PORP measurements of length
  • Cutting TORP & PORP with decided length
  • Crimping of kurz prosthesis at desired length
  • Cutting of stapes Teflon prosthesis with desired length
  • Cartilage islands and palisades
  • Cartilage graft measurements for Rhinoplasty

Slice !t® Product Contents

  1. Cartilage Holding Unit (2 pieces and Screw)
  2. Cartilage Knife (2 Pieces And Screw)
  3. Spacers (4 In Number Of 0.1. 0.2, 0.3 & 0.5mm)
  4. Cartilage Punch Rods (2 Numbers OF 0.8 mm & 1 mm)

After harvesting cartilage (tragal or conchal), the cartilage is to be placed into the cartilage-holding unit with the metallic thickness plate of desired size to get the desired slice of the cartilage.

  • Keep the cartilage in the holding unit. Do not insert any spacers in the holding unit.
  • Place the top unit on the holding base unit and fasten the screw firmly.
    • Place the razor blade in the cartilage knife and slice the cartilage. This will result into a slice of 1 mm thickness.
    • For Type-I Tympanoplasty, use 0.5 mm (or less) spacer and slice the cartilage again to get the desired graft.
    • For multiple pieces of sliced cartilage, one can use different spacers &/or combinations of spacers.