Endoscopic Color Atlas of Ear Diseases

  • ISBN-10: 9350251663
  • ISBN-13: 978-9350251669

Otology is an intriguing sub-discipline of otolaryngology—head and neck surgery. Ear disorders are one of the commonest diseases encountered in ear, nose and throat practice. The correct diagnosis of ear diseases requires a thorough knowledge of the normal anatomy and its alteration in pathological conditions. Middle ear anatomy is quite complex. Rendering a concrete picture of middle ear using only words had been always a challenging task. The constant effort to solve the doubts of the students in the best possible way was the driving force behind this atlas. With this backup in mind, this comprehensive atlas was developed with lucid and relevant text which addresses normal and diseased state of tympanic membrane, ear canal and middle ear.


The atlas consists of a total of 271 colored photographs obtained by using 4 mm zero degree sinuscope. The clarity and the optics of the endoscope give greater information of the ear conditions contrary to the traditional outpatient Bull’s lamp or otoscopic examination. Before discussing the pathological conditions of the external and the middle ear, we have detailed the description of the normal tympanic membrane along with its variations. The appearance of the tympanic membrane is altered in various acute and chronic conditions affecting the middle ear. The alteration in its color, surface, intactness and position has been well illustrated in this atlas.